ANTM24 E11 : Mansion Madness

In the 11th Episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24, the remaining 5 girls had to do a video shoot in a mansion for a music video with artist Maejor and special appearance Tyra Banks. While shooting, the girls were styled in outrageous couture outfits to which a few struggled. In the post there […]

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ANTM24 E9 : Parachute Couture

It seems that getting blown away by a sandstorm was a highlight in the 9th episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24, as the 7 remaining girls had to pose in couture with parachutes in the middle of a desert. What was expected of them was extreme yet graceful movement as the episode tackled […]

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ANTM24 E8 : Painted in Gold

Once again Tyra Banks was this 8th episode’s photographer in a dripping in gold shoot along with brawny (plus size) male models. The top 8 competed for their slot into the top 7 as they had to pose to see how comfortable they are in their skin, and with male models. Seeing the trailer, I […]

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ANTM24 E7 : Raw Beauty

Waking up in bed; no makeup, raw beauty. It was the 7th episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 that focused on raw beauty. For their photo shoot, the top 9 had to pose without make up and in lingerie while in a pure white bed. At the same time, the girls were shot […]

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ANTM24 E5 : Beauty Sandwich Shots

Editorial black turtle necks and beauty in confidence – the 5th episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 entitled Beauty is Unconventional had the 11 remaining contestants team up in groups for an LA villa styled beauty shoot (the photo shoot set gave me Calvin Harris – Summer vibes) whilst stacked up on each […]

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