AsNTM5 E12 : Road Trip Starlets

On the 12th episode of the reality show Asia’s Next Top Model S5, the remaining girls had to create their own road trip stories as vintage starlets while posing with Subaru Impreza cars inside a studio. It was also revealed that Xiao Qing 🇨🇳 will no longer participate as a contestant, but instead will serve as a judge and the determining factor for the top 3.

In this post I will give my comments and rankings in each of the girl’s photos. I do not own any of the following images.

Tu 🇻🇳

I am loving this shot because of the story. I am in love with her props and styling. It fits the overall theme of a starlet wanting to explore the world. It looks like she is sightseeing which is a factor I love here. It is a very simple shot yet she is able to sell the car and her story very well. Lastly I love how she twists her body so that she does not look like a completely stiff person just standing there.

Shikin 🇲🇾

I love this shot! There is a story here also and same with Tu, she complements the car and herself really well. This is another simple photo but at the same time very strong and vibrant. I love her pose in this shot. She is also able to finally soften her features in print.

Clara 🇲🇨

I have to say that I love this shot! She looks like she is enjoying the car as if it was a brand new one given to her and that she used it in her own travels. As much as I love the pose her grin there can be a bit awkward. Nevertheless, she looks like a world class traveler here.

Maureen 🇵🇭

Comparing her to the rest of the girls for this shoot, she is the only girl who LOST THE LIGHT. Her face is too dim because she did not study the lighting. Her body is terrible here and she looks extremely short. Her pose is just bad. The balloons don’t do any justice. This is a really bad photo for a girl who landed in the top 4. I guess the saying “less is more” should apply in this photo.

Judging panel’s Call Out Order

1. Shikin 🇲🇾 – She got the opportunity to become another brand ambassador for Subaru.

2. Tu 🇻🇳

3. Maureen 🇵🇭 (Bottom 2)

4. Clara 🇲🇨 (Eliminated)

My Call Out Order

1. Shikin 🇲🇾

2. Tu 🇻🇳

3. Clara 🇲🇨

—Worst Photo—

4. Maureen 🇵🇭 – Easily the worst photo of the bunch.
I am disappointed with the result. Given the shoot, Clara should have definitely stayed. Maureen should have left. Maureen’s was just horrible. It’s one of the worst photos of the season for me.

The photo shoot set up and styling was gorgeous! The show should bring in more themes like this!


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