AsNTM5 E13 : Avant-Garde Motherland 

For the finale the top 3; Shikin 🇲🇾, Maureen 🇵🇭, and Tu 🇻🇳, had to compete in a shoot wherein they would wear avant-garde versions of their own country’s national costume / traditional clothing. In this blog post I will give my final rankings and comments on each of the girl’s photos. I do not own any of the photos.

Tu 🇻🇳

I LOVE THIS! This has to be her strongest photo in her entire body of work. She looks like an empress / princess here! I love her pose and the power she is exuding in this photo. This is STUNNING. She is showing both her fierce and soft sides in this photo. It is not too strong nor too weak. She is able to balance everything in this photo! There is so much grace here! Royal and elegant. Empress.

Shikin 🇲🇾

And the battle goddess, is still the battle goddess. But this time a thousand times fiercer than ever! THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PHOTO! She’s a tigress in this shot. A vixen as well. This photo screams victory for me. I love how she extended her leg to make her look extremely tall. This photo is very striking and sharp in comparison to the one of Tu. I am 80% loving her arched back. Sometimes I see her back as hunched instead. Nevertheless, her shot is one of the best I’ve seen.

Maureen 🇵🇭

What happened here?! I was expecting so much more from this girl given the elegant styling. This is a MESS. Her face is bad in this photo. Her eyes are dazed and her mouth is very unrelaxed. This photo is not powerful. It is very awkward. I hate the positioning of her hands here. The only thing I’m loving is the dress itself and the background. She could have looked like the goddess of pearls or something if she had fixed all her angles and brought in more power to this shot.

And the winner is…


2. Shikin 🇲🇾 (Runner Up)

3. Tu 🇻🇳 (Runner Up)

My Call Out Order

1. Shikin 🇲🇾 – Her strongest photo this season.

2. Tu 🇻🇳 – Her strongest photo this season.

—Worst Photos—

3. Maureen 🇵🇭 – Bad outcome.

Maureen winning was very underwhelming given her performance in the finale. I’d give the crown to Shikin since Tu was lacking in many areas throughout the competition. It’s also disappointing for me because even in the finale somebody produced a lackluster photo. I loved the concept of the shoot! They should showcase stylings from various Asian countries more often. Anyway, it is still a good win for Maureen given the rest of her portfolio but her finale shot was bad.


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