AsNTM5 : Expect the Unexpected Season Summary

Now that the 5th season of Asia’s Next Top Model has ended, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the entire season. First I will give out a summary of my own call out order for each shoot in comparison to the show’s actual call out order. Then I will also be putting my top 10 best and worst photos of the season.
Call Out Order Summary

Here is a table to show all my call outs or rankings of the girls per shoot and episode. Each column has been taken from my call out order throughout my previous posts of this season.

Looking at my call out order summary in contrast to the actual, I feel that this season had a lot of very unusual and random rankings especially in the first few shoots of the competition. Even in the latter part I still completely disagree with certain eliminations and positions of the girls.

Here are my insights of each of the girls.

Anjelica 🇵🇭 – She was nothing great in the show. She looked very old for her age and it came out in her photos.

Heidi 🇹🇭 – I think this girl deserved to make it further. Her photos were from average to good for me. I feel that she was eliminated at a very random moment.

Jennica 🇵🇭 – Her photos are all so-so. She’s one of the weaker Philippine representatives this show ever had along with Anjelica.

Layla 🇸🇬 – This girl is the biggest DISAPPOINTMENT for me. She has the complete package to be a top model of all the girls. Unfortunately she lacked the drive, thus lacking life and energy in all her shots.

Alicia 🇲🇾 – Meh. This girl was nothing great as well, however I love her denim and colgate photos. She was able to prove herself with those two shots. All of her other shots are just bad.

Nametha 🇸🇬 – I feel that this girl was robbed in certain shoots. I love this girl’s look and her photos were generally fantastic except for her nightmaric colgate shot. What threw me off from this girl was how she got eliminated; by being disqualified. This girl could have made it further if it were not for that case.

Valerie 🇲🇨 – She constantly gave bad angles in almost all her photos. My only favorite photo of her is her Maybelline ad. She should have been eliminated earlier. She probably made it midway because of the gimmick of having twins on the show.

Dorothy 🇹🇭 – She has a mix of great photos and horrible photos. This girl, despite her beauty and body is very inconsistent. She did not deserve her elimination, but in some way she deserved to be eliminated somewhere along that stage of the competition.

Veronika 🇲🇨 – She is the better twin. She is more modelesque and better in features. This girl has the bone structure. She may not have an exact stand out photo but her body of work was from average to decent. She deserved her placement in the competition compared to her sister.

Cindy 🇹🇼 – She started out as bad but then delivered midway in the competition. She later on fell flat again but atleast this girl proved that despite her round features she could still look very striking. She’s another girl who deserved her placement in the competition.

Xiao Qing 🇨🇳 – Her photo was decent primarily because of her jawline. I did not really buy into this girl despite being more experienced than the rest.

Clara 🇲🇨 – This girl produced some gorgeous photos and a lot more bad photos. She is another inconsistent girl like Dorothy for me. My favorite shot of her is still her first shot; her best photo.

Tu 🇻🇳 – This girl has a lot of good shots and a few terrible shots along the way. I love all of her poses but her problem I feel is her blank face in many of her shots. She does not stand out compared to some other girls. Nevertheless, this girl deserved her placement in the top 3.

Shikin 🇲🇾 – She’s another girl with actual model material but a far second to Layla. She produced stunning shots in the latter part of the competition since she started off as a girl who is coasting in the middle of the pack.

Maureen 🇵🇭 – Definitely not the best representative from the Philippines. She produced extremeply powerful shots but had a lot of bad photos as well. Unfortunately this girl is not strong compared to other girls in the competition. Her portfolio is all over the place but mostly average.


My Top 10 Worst Photos

Just like every season, there are photos that I dislike due to many different aspects such as bad angles, bad styling and setting, etc. Here are the 10 photos I disliked the most for this season.

10. Alicia 🇲🇾 – E5 : Downtown Girls for Maybelline

Her pose already would have made her look somewhat good. It is her lifeless and blank face here that does not make this a Maybelline ad. I do not like the positioning of both of her hands; they are very distracting. Again, this is definitely not Maybelline worthy.

9. Dorothy 🇹🇭 – E6 : Neutrogena Floral Bath

Her face is does not look fresh here. She looks very stiff and uncomfortable here as well. Moreover she looks short. I do not like how compressed all the elements in this photo are.

8. Clara 🇲🇨 – E6 : Neutrogena Floral Bath

Despite her soft and elegant features in other photos, she looks very manly and rough here. Her face is dead here in this photo. Everything about her body here is very unnatural and stiff; as if she is sinking into the bottom.

7. Cindy 🇹🇼 – E7 : Zalora Fashion Film

Just like what Cara G. Mcilroy said, she’s an absolute failure here. All she did in this whole video was make cheesy grins and swing around while opening her mouth. She made her part of the video very cheap.

6. Veronika 🇲🇨

This photo is a mess. Apparently everything here is very random. There is no strength in this shot. Her body is all over the place and her face is blank. Her has a lovely bone structure here that she did not use well. Lastly, she never learned to relax her mouth.

5. Layla 🇸🇬 – E4 : On the Move in Groups

This would have been a striking photo of her IF she had brought in energy to this shoot. Her face is lifeless here. Her body looks very fragile and unhealthy here. I am very disappointed with this girl.

4. Maureen 🇵🇭 – E12 : Road Trip Starlets

The number one factor that brings this whole shot down is that she did not find her LIGHTING. Everything here looks faded and bad. Her body here is very short and in a horrible pose. Her face is dimmed and uninspiring.

3. Maureen 🇵🇭 – E3 : Denim in a Field

Bad body. Bad face. Bad positioning of hands. Bad styling. The only thing I kinda like here is the conposition of the photo. This is a THOUSANG MILES more horrible than any other girl in this particular shoot. She should have gone home here.

2. Nametha 🇸🇬 – E2 : Smile Collage

I love her two photos on the left. Her photo on the bottom right is awkward and her photo on the top right is… a complete NIGHTMARE. What makes things even worse is that her nightmaric shot is the one that steals the most attention of the four. 100% not colgate worthy but worthy for horror.

1. Dorothy 🇹🇭 – E4 : On the Move in Groups

What saves Nametha from being the worst are her other photos in the collage. The photo I dislike the most belongs to Dorothy. In this photo, it does not even look like her. She looks like a pig here. Her face is horrible and so is her body. She even grabs all the attention here.

My Top 10 Best Photos

10. Tu 🇻🇳 – E10 : Defying Gravity

She is very graceful here in this photo even though there are some areas for improvement. This photo is billboard or campaign worthy.

9. Nametha 🇸🇬 – E4 : On the Move in Groups

She slaughtered the other two girls in this shot. She looks very soft and beautiful here with all the crazy styling given to her.

8. Shikin 🇲🇾 – E12 : Road Trip Starlets

What I love here is the composition and story of this photo. She complements the car very well and this is definitely another campaign worthy photo.

7. Maureen 🇵🇭 – E11 : Tropical Ice Queens

I love how keen and icy she looks here! She was even the only girl who really utilized the skates.

6. Tu 🇻🇳 – E13 : Avant-Garde Motherland

She looks like an EMPRESS here! Everything in this photo is perfect except for her rather bland face. Overall it is still an excellent photo.

5. Cindy 🇹🇼 – E6 : Neutrogena Floral Bath

She looks very calm, soft, and angelic here. She made her cutesy look more fierce in this shot but she balanced everything here perfectly. This is campaign worthy for Neutrogena Philippines.

4. Clara 🇲🇨 – E1 : Runaway Models

I love all the angles here in this shot. She may not be facing the viewer but she killed it here! I love the life, energy, and motion coming out of this shot.

3. Valerie 🇲🇨 – E5 : Downtown Girls for Maybelline

This is everything she should have been. This photo is EXPENSIVE and PERFECTION. Her angles are on point here.

2. Maureen 🇵🇭 – E8 : Bound by Love

Full of strength, dominant, beautiful, PERFECTION.

1. Shikin 🇲🇾 – E13 : Avant-Garde Motherland

She is a striking couture tigress here! Extremely ferocious and I love that she pulled an arched back pose extremely well!

Overall this season was enjoyable in terms of editing and drama. The photo shoots are a step up from last season. Despite the cast not being as great as the one of last year, they still managed to pull things together. And here, ends my series of posts for AsNTM5.


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