AsNTM4 Promo Shots

Now that the 5th season is over and not much Top Model shows are ongoing as of the moment, I will now go back to the previous season of Asia’s Next Top Model. I usually keep a journal of my rankings just for fun when it comes to competitions like these to see how much I agree with the actual thing. So here it is; Season 4.
In this blog post I will give my comments on the girl’s performance for their high fashion promo shoot.

I love the concept behind this banner! They all look very expensive and super high fashion here! The color scheme and styling also compliments them here. Now let’s move on to each of the girls.

Alaiza 🇵🇭

I’m not into her styling nor her poses. The photos are decent for my standards but rather hit and miss for me. Her hairdo is also somewhat interesting yet very bizarre.

Aldilla 🇲🇨

Her face is gorgeously striking! Her styling suits her well in this shoot. I love the simplicity of her poses here because she shows off her outfit. She looks super short here though.

Angie 🇸🇬

I LOVE her outfit here! She looks very elongated here as well. I love how she can look fierce and soft as seen in both of her shots. She sells the clothes very well here. Of the two shots I prefer the one on the left but overall I love both.

Gwen 🇵🇭

So this is the well-known beauty queen from my own country… Well, as much as her poses are okay, this girl definitely needs to fix and learn how to use her angles. Everything is looking very rough and manly in a negative way because of her look. I’m not into the hands-in-the-waist pose being in both of her shots.

Jessica 🇭🇰

I LOVE THESE! She has an amazing body and gorgeous face! She made the styling look fierce and stunning here! I am getting a lot of energy and life from both of her shots. This girl is ON THE GO!

Julian 🇵🇭

I love how GIGANTIC she looks here! Those legs are killing it! I love her poses as well. Something I feel could be fiercer is her face. Apparently this girl is commercial looking, so her face is a bit off here for a high fashion shoot.

Mai Ngo 🇻🇳

It’s funny that they used duct tape on her legs to add design to the shoes, but it looks good on her because without the tape her look would have been very basic. I love the shirt but I don’t like these photos. These shots are just plain. Meh.

May 🇲🇲

This is another beauty queen as well at a much younger age than Gwen. In contrast, this girl literally KILLED IT! I love both of her shots! The one with the stool is excellent for me, her legs create art! I love how editorial she looks here. Really love this one.

Maya 🇹🇭

I like the shot on the left but I dislike the one on the right. Her face is nice here but her body looks bad here. She looks very short here also especially in the right shot.

Patricia 🇲🇨

Her face here is very STRIKING! She also looks very tall here (a lot taller than her stated height because she’s the shortest of the bunch standing at 168cm)! Her positioning of her hands look a bit awkward in both shots.

Sang-In 🇰🇷

This girl is a high fashion GODDESS. Her poses are very editorial and expensive. I love her fierce and striking face here, I love her poses, I love the amazing shapes she creates with the given styling and props. One thing I notice is that she looks short in both of the shots.

Tawan 🇹🇭

Looking at her, I believe she can pull off both high fashion and commercial. These two shots of her are STUNNING! Especially for the one on the left, I love how everything is simply working well and in the right place. Her hair flip even adds more power into the photo. Overall I love her photos!

Tugs 🇲🇳

Amazing body and poses! The styling fits her perfectly. Her facial expressions are a bit disconnected to the rest of the picture, especially with the one on the right; she looks confused. Her facial expression on the left is a lot better and fiercer.

Tuti 🇲🇾

I’m not liking her shot on the left because it’s boring and forgettable but I am loving the one on the right. I like the fact that she pulls off a shot while kneeling on the ground and still looking tall, wholesome, and not disproportionate.

Judging Panel’s Call Out Order

The girls were not judged for this photo shoot HOWEVER, the judges were basing the girl’s performance and their potential. Due to this, the judges eliminated Maya without letting her get into the main competition itself.

14. Maya 🇹🇭 (Eliminated)

My Call Out Order / Ranking of the Girls

It was a tough decision between my top 2 for this shoot, nevertheless here it goes!

1. Tawan 🇹🇭 – EXCELLENT!

2. Sang-In 🇰🇷 – EXCELLENT!

I would have made Sang-In the first placer for this shoot if she had not looked short. Now, on to continue…

3. May 🇲🇲

4. Jessica 🇭🇰

5. Patricia 🇲🇨

6. Angie 🇸🇬

7. Julian 🇵🇭

8. Tuti 🇲🇾

9. Tugs 🇲🇳

10. Aldilla 🇲🇨

11. Alaiza 🇵🇭

12. Maya 🇹🇭

—Worst Photos—

13. Gwen 🇵🇭

14. Mai Ngo 🇻🇳
These promo shots are epic compared to those of the past seasons in terms of performance. For me, my top 10 in this shoot all did a great job. Alaiza’s and Maya’s are average, while the remaining are bad.


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