AsNTM4 E2 : Trampoline Shoot at SCAPE Singapore

It’s all about jumping high up in the air amidst some buildings of Singapore’s skyline for the 2nd episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4. The 13 remaining girls were tasked to strike a pose on a trampoline bit for one of them, a girl had to pose on a wheelchair or in crutches due to an injury that could potentially change her fate in the competition.
In this post I will give my own comments on each of the girls together with my own ranking at the end. I do not own the photos.


Alaiza 🇵🇭

I LOVE this photo! She looks powerful and mind-controlling here. She’s levitating and gives villainous vibes here.


May 🇲🇲

This is a pretty cool shot for me however her feet make her a tad shorter and uncomfortable to look at.


Julian 🇵🇭

She’s very cute and striking. I love the martial arts-like pose and energy in this shot. She also has a prop that enhances the strength in this photo.


Tawan 🇹🇭

Her face here is gorgeous. I love how she twists her body but her legs and feet look awkward here. She also lost her neck here.
Aldilla 🇲🇨

This is a decent photo. I like the energy and dynamics of this photo along with her face here. She looks a bit stiff here.

Patricia 🇲🇨

Love the hair flip and the styling only. Her pose is very average and her face is bad here. It is just weak and tense at the same time.



Tuti 🇲🇾

Nothing great. There’s not much movement in this photo. She could have done more.



Sang-In 🇰🇷

I love how she shows the mohawk hairstyle. She looks like a bolt of thunder here. This is a strong photo for me.

Tugs 🇲🇳

This is a very weird photo. I even wonder how she ended up with a shot like this. She looks like a puppet here; lifeless and dangling.

Gwen 🇵🇭

Her face is okay but as a whole this photo is a mess. It is also very disgusting.

Mai Ngo 🇻🇳

I love this photo primarily because of her pose. Her hair flip is also nice here.

Angie 🇸🇬

She looks like a witch here! I LOVE THIS PHOTO! The hairflip is fantastic. Her pose is very unique. The styling especially the lower garment is very intricate.

Jessica 🇭🇰

Despite her being in a wheelchair, I kinda like this photo. Her hair flip is AMAZING. I love her legs here. Her facial angle unfortunately is off.

Judging Panel’s Call Out Order

1. Angie 🇸🇬

2. Mai Ngo 🇻🇳

3. Julian 🇵🇭

4. Alaiza 🇵🇭

5. Sang-In 🇰🇷

6. May 🇲🇲

7. Tuti 🇲🇾

8. Tawan 🇹🇭

9. Aldilla 🇲🇨

10. Patricia 🇲🇨

11. Gwen 🇵🇭

12. Jessica 🇭🇰 (Bottom 2)

13. Tugs 🇲🇳 (Eliminated)

My Call Out Order

1. Angie 🇸🇬 – Excellent.

2. Mai Ngo 🇻🇳

3. Julian 🇵🇭

4. Alaiza 🇵🇭

5. Sang-In 🇰🇷

6. Aldilla 🇲🇨

7. Tawan 🇹🇭

8. May 🇲🇲

9. Jessica 🇭🇰 – It’s decent.

10. Tuti 🇲🇾

—Worst Photos—

11. Patricia 🇲🇨

12. Gwen 🇵🇭 – Disgusting.

13. Tugs 🇲🇳 – Too awkward.
I agree with Tugs going home. I see more potential in her than Gwen however the photo shoot proved otherwise. The shoot is also very similar to its previous shoot.


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