AsNTM4 E3 Part 2 : Comp Cards

After the top 12 girls received their makeovers, they were soon tasked to do a composite card shoot to show their versatility as aspiring models. Not only that, but the girls also had the privilege to style themselves with their own choice of clothing and hairdo. They also got to choose the four final shots […]

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AsNTM4 E1 : Bubble Couture

In the first episode of reality show Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4, the 13 girls had to pose in 60s styling while inside a bubble. The shoot was inspired from editorials and covers of Harper’s Bazaar wherein the models posed inside a glass bubble decades ago. I will give my comments and rankings of […]

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AsNTM4 Promo Shots

Now that the 5th season is over and not much Top Model shows are ongoing as of the moment, I will now go back to the previous season of Asia’s Next Top Model. I usually keep a journal of my rankings just for fun when it comes to competitions like these to see how much […]

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